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Why Executive counselingIn India along with economic growth stress levels are also rising

Executive counselling: Corporate Buddy, Trainer and Counsellor

In India along with economic growth stress levels are also rising. A study by ASSOCHEM indicates that nearly 40 % of employees in India’s corporate sector are either stressed, anxious or depressed. Coping with the demands of sustaining one own job or being comfortable with his work environment has become a challenge. Expectations, conflicts and insensitivity in human relationships created in the educational and working environment have resulted in the majority of people falling into a ‘stress anxiety depression cycle’. This malady has resulted in an increased rate of suicides among students and increased levels of psycho-somatic illnesses among executives. Students and executives alike on one side have to demonstrate competence and results and, in the process, they have to struggle with anxieties and insecurities with added competition and insensitivity in the ecosystem aggravating the situation.

Business scenarios have also changed where today’s employees need to be mentored in coping strategies, relationship management, problem-solving and in creating an adequate work-life balance. Sometimes transcending this situation and developing a coping mechanism requires external intervention in the form of counselling, personal mentoring or training thereby imparting confidence and skill into the individual. The ability to give the individual a larger picture and thereby explain to them the nature of events and outcomes and its relationship to our mind and external environment is the only way to help them adapt.

Such a mode of executive mentoring has now become a necessity. For example, CEOs may need a confidential buddy to consult before making a critical decision, or an executive may need an independent opinion on a critical career decision. Today it is necessary that such external intervention is made with the support of a fellow professional who can‘’ feel the pain’’ and give non-biased consultation. For an executive in mental trauma if this gap is addressed by a corporate professional with certified counselling skills the effect is far reaching. It is in this context that an intervention by a fellow professional who has undergone the rigmarole of corporate stress and competitive student life attains importance.

Online executive counselling and training is an initiative in that direction to address this gap of a ‘fellow professional buddy’ who can handhold an executive in their time of distress. It provides an opportunity for distressed individuals to discuss their personal and pressing work.

This site provides an opportunity for you to connect Online and Offline and get the right direction to develop adaptive mechanisms and coping skills. If you are just an individual or represent an organisation looking for a counselling or training solution you can write to me at

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