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Rajesh Menon is a practicing management professional and Counselor with more than 22 years of experience in project management, business development and corporate strategy. He has held leadership positions in major corporate houses educational organizations and spent this time managing cross functional teams through management systems and processes.

Being a hard core techno commercial executive with a mechanical engineering and marketing management background, Rajesh realized through his career what matters in organizational excellence is people management and being an “Inspirational leader”. He realized that an organizational mission will be successful if it is led with an objective of ‘’Profit with Peace’’ and not ‘’Gain with Greed’. It is when the latter prevails that stress levels in the organization maximizes affecting performance of employees and prevailing mental health problems.

Incidences of inter personal conflicts, high stress situation has had an impact on executive health and life with more than 40 % of India’s corporate executive stressed anxious or clinically depressed with most organizations not having a proper mental health policy resulting in increased mental health issues, student suicides, Psycho-somatic disorders.

To redress this through individual counselling and training programs Rajesh took an MS in Psychotherapy and Counselling and since then have been counselling distressed individuals

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