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Suicide as escape from the self – (Image credit american psychology association)

Since time immemorial, globally, people have tried to understand what factors trigger a person to commit suicide. Suicide simply means taking away one’s own life. While it is absolutely human for almost everyone to think of it, for some, this thought runs deep becoming a driving force to the grave.
Individuals who experience suicidal ideations do not do so by choice. These individuals are suffering so deeply that they ultimately give up on living. Not because they want to die; but because they want to end their suffering. Their perceived reality is crucial for initiating the process.
Most suicides are driven by a flash flood of strong emotions. It is not a rational, philosophical thought where the pros and cons are critically evaluated. Here the individual is not thinking about oneself; but rather going through a very serious mental state of hopelessness and a complete loss of joy. It is a state of pain inexplicably intense were meaning of existence is completely lost. This could be instantly felt as a reaction to an event and can also systemically develop from life condition.
In fact, most people who kill themselves actually live better than average lives. It is the pressure of these idealistic conditions which heighten suicide risk because they often create unreasonable standards for personal happiness, rendering people more emotionally fragile in response to unexpected setback.
Two most common attributes of suicide are depression and extreme stress. Apart from this, feelings of worthlessness, shame, guilt, inadequacy, or feeling exposed, humiliated, rejection leads suicidal people to dislike themselves in a manner that, essentially, cleaves them off from an idealized humanity.
Usually warning signs, verbal or behavioural, precede most suicides. However, some individuals who are suicidal may show warning signs to only those closest to them. Hence, it is important to learn and understand these signals otherwise it may seem sudden without warning to loved ones. Also, if these signals are understood early immediate medical supervision and help/support group can be created for the individual to get better.

Recognising the signals:


  •  Talking about or wanting to die
  • Acting anxious, irritable or agitated
  • Feeling of hopelessness and no purpose
  • Lack of self-worth
  • Engaging in reckless behaviour
  • Display of extreme mood swings
  • Withdrawal or feeling isolated
  • Sleeping too little or too much
  • Showing rage or talking of revenge
  • Feeling trapped in a situation causing unbearable pain
  • Increased dependency of substance abuse, such as: alcohol, drugs, etc

People with a family history of mental illness of suicide can be a major cause of suicide too. It is therefore, absolutely imperative to be sensitive to such individuals. They can be helped to cope with their situation in many ways.
Positive Conversation: it is important to make them feel good and encouraged about themselves.
Keep surroundings safe: take away any objects and/or material that could be the cause of probable suicide. Eg: medicines, knifes or sharp objects, chemicals and disinfectants, etc…

Being a friend: sometimes just being there and listening to a person vent may help in saving a life. Use empathy while listening. Being judgemental and getting into solution mode may result adversely.
Making healthy life choices: exercising, yoga and meditation to calm the mind, eating better and nutritious food, developing a hobby, reading a book, listening to music, unleashing creativity, getting out for a while, taking a nap, etc work as stimulants to up the mood and alleviate low depressive feelings.

Medical counsel and advice: seeking medical help and treatment is an equally important factor to ensure quick reinstating of wellbeing.
The human brain is a complex entity which has a tendency to constantly update itself to our surroundings. And this established truth is further endorsed by anyone who has experienced the Wellness Programs at Executive Counselling. We all have a choice to manifest positive, happy, harmonious relations fun filled with love, stress free living conditions and much more by making healthy choice.
I have been working in the field of suicide prevention and counselling people in a systematic manner connecting them to a larger goal. If you come across a person in need, I can be contacted in through my social media handles.

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