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Self-Assessing Your Work-Life Balance

The purpose of this assessment instrument is to heighten your awareness of the behaviors that are affecting your work-life balance. The quiz will also provide a means to rate your collective behaviors and present a score that can give you insight into your effectiveness in achieving work-life balance.

Here’s how to use this assessment questionnaire. For each question, circle the number that best describes your answer. If you don’t have an opinion or you feel you do not have sufficient data to draw an opinion then mark “0” (No comment).

Take the assessment now. It begins on page 3. When you have completed the questionnaire, return here.

Determining your score

There are 45 questions. After taking the questionnaire, add all the numbers circled. Then divide by the total number of questions that did not receive a response of “0.” For example, if you did not mark a “0” for any of the 45 questions then divide the added numbers by 45. If you had marked two questions with a “0” then divide the added numbers by 43 (45-2=43). The suggested meaning for your final number, or work-life balance score, is described below. This score can fall within a very wide range of values from 0 to 5.

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