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Psychiatrist Empanelment

Empanelment of Registered medical Practitioner of Psychiatry:

One of the greatest challenges faced by the corporations worldwide is on the issue of employee productivity. Among various factors that contribute to lack of motivation, non-productivity, absenteeism and attrition among employees mental health issues plays a bigger role. While the impact of mental health challenges to productivity are widely addressed in the western world, in India such efforts in looking into mental health challenges at work place are minimal.
It is with this background that Executive counselling was initiated to address distress in the corporate world through counselling and training and has got into a field called Organisational Clinical intervention where we get into quasi therapeutic methods for dealing with potentially distressing organisational issues. The wider field of our work include executive assessment consultation, executive coaching and other work focussed psychotherapy.
This kind of organisational intervention is a combination of both corporate management knowledge and skill, coupled with the ability to therapeutically intervene. In this endeavour we propose to empanel qualified medical practitioners of Psychiatry in associating with Executive counselling. We are in a process of empanelling minimum two doctors from each district of India.
What value does the doctor derive as an empanelled doctor of Executive Counselling?
Executive counselling is a corporate consulting, training and counselling initiative of Rajesh Menon who is a professional manager and a certified counsellor. Corporate Therapy not just involve consulting and training but may also involve psychiatrist intervention. A study done by ASSOCHEM shows that nearly 40 % of the corporate employees in India suffer mental health issues be it stress, anxiety or even depression. Any executive who needs clinical intervention requires the service of a professional doctor. In this context the empanelled doctor will derive the following benefits

  • He/ She will be a part of the training programme of Executive counselling in the City where the program is conducted. For example a program in Mumbai will be done with the active participation of the empanelled doctor with 25 % of the revenue share from the program. However doctor will have to teach a module in the program based on his competency.
  • Any executive who needs clinical intervention from a qualified doctor can assess the data base of the doctor in Executive counselling’s directory and seek clinical intervention.
  • The branding initiatives of executive counselling at a city will be co-branding the doctor as well.

Selection Process of a doctor:
Executive counselling intents to select only two doctors from a city only on individual basis and not on organisational basis. Interested doctors should fill in the attached application form and send to the promoter executive counselling through email. This will be followed by a personal discussion. Once the doctor is selected he/she will have to pay a nominal fee of Rs 2500 for a one year empanelment. The empanelment will be confirmed wide a letter from executive counselling and the doctor’s credentials will be highlighter in the executive counselling website

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