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What we offer

Personal counselling:

I offer counselling to CEOs, Top Management professionals, Executives and students on work, academic and personal related issues:

  • If you feel that your official work is hampering your peace of mind, family relations I am there to reach out,
  • If you feel that you are stressed, anxious or depressed reach out to me.
  • If you are suffering from psychosomatic disorders like acidity, low back pain, fatigue or palpitation reach out to me.

Referral services:

While providing soft counselling support I maintain a database of Specialised Phycho-therapist, Neuro Psychiatrists , NGOs and other support groups to asssit you in your recovery process.

Training Program:

I offer training program in the field of Executive/student Life Management issues, be it stress management, corporate relationship management, employee–employer relationships, emotional intelligence and other corporate life skill development programs. I also offer organisational behaviour related training programs on leadership performance, motivation, and mental health issues at work.

The training programs are structured in 3 formats

  1. Flagship one day mental health workshop called ‘Emotional first aid clinics’ (download brochure). These are an average 6 hour program for chosen executive managers or leaders where they will be sensitised to mental health issues , imparted with skills for emotional management of self and team and counselled upon to handle distress
  2. Half day training spread over 3 hours where participants are given training in specific issues related to mental health like Stress Management, Work life balance, Stress anxiety depression cycle etc.
  3. One hour sensitisation lectures spread over an hour which will be presentations to a set audience on issues related to mental health management in corporate sector.

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For Counseling and Training: