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What we offer

Personal counselling:

I offer counselling to CEOs, Top Management professionals, Executives and students on work, academic and personal related issues:

  • If you feel that your official work is hampering your peace of mind, family relations I am there to reach out,
  • If you feel that you are stressed, anxious or depressed reach out to me.
  • If you are suffering from psychosomatic disorders like acidity, low back pain, fatigue or palpitation reach out to me.

Referral services:

While providing soft counselling support I maintain a database of Specialised Phycho-therapist, Neuro Psychiatrists , NGOs and other support groups to asssit you in your recovery process.

Training Program:

I offer training program in the field of Executive/student Life Management issues, be it stress management, corporate relationship management, employee–employer relationships, emotional intelligence and other corporate life skill development programs. I also offer organisational behaviour related training programs on leadership performance, motivation, and mental health issues at work.

Your Counselor

Rajesh Menon(Executive counselor and Trainer)

Rajesh Menon is a practicing management professional and Counselor with more than 22 years of experience in project management, business development and corporate strategy.

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