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The traumatic dance of the corona virus

The traumatic dance of the corona virus has shifted from China to Europe to now in US, and we in India enters the stage 3 where we see exponential increase in cases. In my last article I had given a clarion call to executives to hold on as a captain of a Ship in storm with HOPE. However as the wind increasing and engine stops captains always drop a sea anchor to prevent drifting.

The metaphor here is about the shutdowns and the resulting anxiety and boredom. An office is not just a place to work , it is a social ecosystem. It is a place where we talk and eat together and a place where we express our varied emotion. It is a socio-psychological mental system where there is an input and output of emotion after a work flow called life. It is this system that has come to an halt when we don’t go to a work place. The consequence of this is always emotions boiling out as frustration fear and meaninglessness . These are the three best ingredients for anybody to get into a stress anxiety depression cycle. Another reason is that the circadian rhythm at which your brains have been working against time has halted with a reduction in speed in thought and motion resulting in a ‘time-gap’ called anxiety.

The thoughts during an anxiety manifest always in a catastrophic form where we imagine of uncontrolled financial situation, which I will call with a sense of humor as the fear of EMI and bill payments. In the relationship sides too the period will see clash of roles and personality especially when there are kids at home and there is a compulsion to prepare food at home.A general sense of insecurity will loom as we cant move out, eat out and meet people because of social distancing.

Well it is now that you need to throw the anchor and prevent a mental drift.

If you are working at home, then make a space at home as a virtual office where you will not be entertaining family and to reinforce that you will be in your in an office attire. This will help your sub conscience to mimic the house environment as that of an office.
If both the spouses are working or the family having old parents then have a detailed communication with all of them on time management. Work out priorities, division and time of work in such a way that the individual interests are not compromised.
Set up a time for re creative activities like antakshari, karaoke singing where all the family is together and rejoicing over a cup of tea, off course with all the hygiene practices maintained like washing of the hands etc. click here.
Go into seeing old photographs and memoirs which boosts certain feel good neurotransmitters in the brain or watch your favorite movies, read books or write an article as i am doing now.
If you have old parents and relatives or friends please make it a duty to talk to them where ever they are and keep their spirits high. Understand the old people are the most scared about corona. They need continuous reassurance.
This period can be taken as a golden opportunity to think through about your own life , events and effects, your decisions and actions and take a lateral view and set up a new path. As some soothsayers say this virus have come to rekindle the life patterns and thinking of human kind.
These are few of the methods that you can adopt to prevent the mental drift . However to prevent this drift and for a proper anchorage you should not excessively drink as alcohol enhances anxiety but you can have an extra coffee . Understand that this is not a malady exclusive to you and the whole world is behind you.

Start living your life to the fullest

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