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  • Mental Health impact on Job losses

    August 29, 2020


    The most significant outcome of the pandemic worldwide is its impact on mental health. If you take the statistics from India alone, till July 2020, the salaried job losses is...

  • Autocratic leaders : Bulls in a China Shop

    July 5, 2019


    Motivational theorist from both the field of management and psychology has been studying the intricate relationship between organisational leadership and employee stress levels at work place. These studies have come...

  • What is Gratitude in a corporate parlance?

    March 10, 2020


    Are we being thankful to our organisations to what it gives us or to people in terms of appreciation and kindness? The answer from my experience is a Big NO....

  • Good Leaders are hard to find

    July 17, 2019


    Anybody who has read the famous short story by the influential writer Flannery O Cooner named ‘’ A Good Man is hard to find’’ may recollect the tragic travel of...

  • The Invisible Pandemic : Executive distress

    May 8, 2020


    Covid 19 is a visible pandemic. At least we can see it in a microscope. However what is not visible is the mental catastrophe being created by the pandemic. Literature...

  • The traumatic dance of the corona virus

    March 28, 2020


    The traumatic dance of the corona virus has shifted from China to Europe to now in US, and we in India enters the stage 3 where we see exponential increase...

  • The Unprecedented Socio-Economic Developments

    March 25, 2020


    The unprecedented socio-economic developments due to the outbreak of the corona virus has opened up a pandora's box of issues concerning work and life. The immediate impact of the economic...

  • Organisational culture and Work life balance

    July 31, 2019


    Executive counseling, while addressing the distress of organisation in an individual and collective levels, also looks into the cultural dimension of organisational behaviour and after effects on stress and anxiety....

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