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Ankita Shah

Dr. Ankita Shah (Our Consulting Psychiatrist)

She has completed her M.B.B.S. and Post Graduated in Psychiatry from the prestigious B.J.Medical College at Ahmedabad. She also holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy and is extensively trained in the scientific use of Hypnotherapy for various psychiatric disorders.

DrAnkita iscurrently working as a Consultant Psychiatrist at GIPS Psychiatry Clinic and De addiction Centre at Ahmedabad.
Her areas of special interest are Psychodynamic Psychotherapy, Hypnotherapy and Psychopharmacology and her practice is a balanced combination of pharmacology and behavior therapy.

She is attached with NGOs like Blind People Association (BPA) and SAATH and facilitates various mental health awareness programs.

DrAnkita is associated with executive counseling, as a consultant Psychiatrist and advises the corporate councilor and Trainer Rajesh Menon in Psychopharmacological interventions.

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