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Paid Counseling Services

In the paid services the steps are as follows:-

  • You will make a payment of Rs1000, upon which you will be sent a Depression-Anxiety-Stress Scale test which you have to fill in and send.
  • You will then schedule a one hour evaluation of your distress basis the result of your test.
  • Your case basis this evaluation IF can be addressed through general counselling then you will have to schedule additional half an hour session per week by paying Rs 500/Session/week.
  • The no of sessions you need to attend depend on your wellbeing. You can automatically withdraw subsequent sessions when you are confident to manage your distress or when you feel that you have resolved your distress.

To purchase Paid assessment and to Book one-on-one Counseling Session with our Counselor, kindly Transfer the Applicable fee to the below given Account Details:

Account no : 50200041753598
Account Type : current account
Bank Name : HDFC
Branch : Adyar branch

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